Chevrolet Prizm Reviews Great…

11.07.2007 Very reliable, unpretentious(92) all spare parts from American Corolla 110 98g. there were no serious breakdowns, only consumables were changed, I hit 110,000 km more Inferior in terms of comfort to modern cars, but at the same time driving yourself is wonderful. more 11/17/2019 Great car. Inexpensive to maintain. Very reliable never let …

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BYD Flyer tips

The adjustment did not give a positive result, as a result of which the doorways are wiped to metal in places where the body and doors rub. the glass sweats, and when it’s -10 outside, it’s not at all hot in the cabin. 19.01.2008 A wonderful car for 2 people. Fuel consumption is ridiculous. In …

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